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this is bogus

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 09, 2006 08:47 AM
The claim is that a $150 laptop actually costs $970 due to training, maintainance, internet access, etc.

So, that means my US $1000 laptop actually costs $1800 or so.

I certainly haven't spent $800 on support and internet (yet). Sure, if you cost the *time* I've spent configuring it, downloading software, learning how to use the software, etc., at $50/hour, it would reach $800 easily.

But that is not the right way to think of it. Each school is going to develop a couple gurus, often teenagers, who will troubleshoot the local problems, enjoy doing so, learn from doing so, and do it for FREE.

Further, economics is tricky stuff. For every "cost", there is someone else who can look at it as a "sale". For the economy as a whole, it's misleading to look at only the cost side of things. This is going to create new jobs, generate new business, etc.

Thus, bogus, and I suspect intentionally so.


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