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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 09, 2006 04:23 AM
Haven't you heard? It's all about Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) and Return On Investment(RIO). OLPC like Linux is certain to rule the world, if you're so inclined, because of the TCO and RIO.

Many will debate that the TCO is quite high because of the hidden costs like support and theft(???). But, they fail to realize that the ROI offsets the TCO in a major frigging way.

The children supposedly don't pay anything for the laptop so their investment is 0 and if they get anything at all out of it, even if it is just the pennies for recycling the raw materials, then their ROI is gigantenormous. Nicholas Negroponte hasn't invested anything in it, not even his time(the university pays him quite well for his flights of fancy and he is also paid by One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a Delaware-based, non-profit organization created by faculty members from the MIT Media Lab), so the money he gets from this endeavor is a massive ROI. Not to mention the press which will likely land him a position on some corporate board of directors for another healthy salary.

Now the businesses that are donating to this and the governments that will supposedly fund it with real cash and IMF loans, their ROI is going to be much harder to measure. After sinking millions or billions of dollars into OLPC they can expect to reap ethereal gains in their economy, thanks to increased education. Besides, the world will be a better place and that's imeasurable. If nothing else, think of the children!!!

Please send donations to: OLPC c/o Nicholas Negroponte


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