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Re:Loose, lose. (How will PS3 help Linux Video)

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 22, 2006 12:54 AM
The PS3 has a number of High-Speed (480MBps) USB2 ports, gigabit ethernet and SATA for accessing lots of fast hard drives. You can easily upgrade the internal PS3 SATA HD with something bigger and faster too. You could also use any USB2 firewire adapter supported by Linux or an analogue video capture card that works with Video4Linux for capturing video.

Before you dismiss the idea of PS3 video editing, when I started editing DV video it was on a dual-processor P2 with a combined clock rating of 800Mhz but it only had 128MB RAM compared to the PS3s 256MB RAM and 3.2Ghz (x8!) processor. Sure, modern day PC's and Macs have gigs of RAM but I'm just highlighting the fact that DV video editing on the PS3 will be possible.

No PS3-optimised Linux distros have been released at the time of writing and so PS3 Linux users currently lack accelerated video and 3D. Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 will be the first proper PS3 distro and that comes out next week I think!

When mencoder gets optimised for the cell processor, thats when Linux video will REALLY gain some serious interest!


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