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Video editing is currently a Linux fault

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 21, 2006 03:45 AM
I am a fan of FS/OSS and Linux. My home has been MS Windows free for 3 years now. I have produced many DVDs on Linux, including several distributed to more than 100 people each. I know of which I speak when I say:

Video editing on Linux is not easy!

- The default DVD export settings on Kino will produce a video encoded such that no DVD I could find could play it. I had to learn about MPEG video encoding and anchor frames and Avidemux tricks to figure out what settings would make it work.
- Different distros connect the DV camera at different device locations. Fedora does<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/dev/raw1394/raw1394. OpenSUSE does something else (like<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/dev/dv1394-0, memory fails me at the moment). Neither of which is the default Kino and other tools expect.
- Special effects like fading between scenes, animated transitions, etc. are difficult or impossible to do.
- DVD authoring tools (pick one: qDVDAuthor, DVDStyler, etc.) all have quirks and rough edges including unexplained crashes, goofy defaults and bad user interfaces.

The only reasons I was successful with it is my insistence to use FS/OSS and my background as a tech savvy Linux user. No "average" user would get past just hooking up their video camera.

I recommend Linux usage to all my family and friends, UNLESS I know that they do video editing. I'd be spending all my time supporting them and leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth if they were to try it.

I wish someone among the big distros out there (Red Hat, Ubuntu, SUSE) would attack this issue because it is a major impediment to Linux use by consumers. Someone throw some resourses and actual design work at the video problem, please!

P.S. This article does nothing to make it easier. It is very shallow and broad. It just speaks of the generalities of using various applications without offering any real information on any of them. I was disappointed by it.


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