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Re:Here's why:

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 20, 2006 11:34 PM
>> CP/M wasn't all that and a bag of chips.

Maybe under a technical view... but CP/M was all DOS was and more. There are programs running on DOS to this date! And DOS copied CP/M, even the copyright strings! (I'm not making up this, read the M$ trials documents)

CP/M was simple, granted, but that's enough for a lot of applications. And it could not coexist with DOS...

>> Wordperfect still exists and I and others use it.

I guess you're a lawyer because that's pretty much the niche it was left to WP. They would love to have 50% of the Office market. Why don't they? M$ Office is better? No way, even MVPs say M$ Office is borken...

>> Netscape is now Firefox.

Firefox is Mozilla and they have won. Netscape and its mother company went the way of the dodo, Netscape even was changed to accomodate the IE engine. Borg is the word that comes to my mind now... and maybe the first example of IP contamination...

>> Compilers? Jeez! Compilers coming out the wazoo. Free one's especially.

Sorry but I beg to disagree. Borland Pascal compilers were a legend in their time. They were faster in an 8-bit machine than modern compilers (free or not) in your fave 64-bit mobo. These guys ruled.

>> "However, there is reason and there is law and both things not necessarily go together (or so it seems to me, IANAL)."
>> Welcome to slashdot, er Newsforge.

I was talking about the world. Life would be nice if BS were kept off courts, but alas it's not so.


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