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Here is a different idea...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 18, 2006 09:56 PM
WHy don't we set up a MS Excel conversion tool to OpenOffice? AND if anyone has a MACRO that does not work in OpenOffice that they donate it to a community and the community BUILDS A OPENOFFICE MACRO that does the same thing.

This using VBA and MS patent licenses STINKS and it is not needed.

Really what Novell is afraid of is that they LIKE THE PER SEAT LICENSE model... and everything was FINE as Red Hat pretty much was the same in the commercial space... then, along comes UBUNTU and all it's attention and that changes thing for them into a place that they were not planning on going to. So - they do the patent deal with MS (actually approach MS on it, not the other way around)... in order to say, look at us we will protect you. This whole thing came about at the new CEO had to make a splash that was different. It's all about making a splash and affecting the stock market you know (because the bonuses are based on such things and the CEO needs a new Porche). Simple, the dude is just greedy.

And this Novell CEO, he does not understand why LINUX is his only option (as he comes lately to this and is only looking at the short term business reasons)! I hope that GPLv3 gets approved and everyone gets on board quickly, AND that the SAMBA moves everything to GPLv3, and NOVELL is left holding just their brown stained undergarments.


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