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Re:Ubuntu is not a religion

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 12, 2006 11:10 AM
Ubuntu is a distro.

I myself don't use this distro, but I think the Ubuntu team is doing great things for Linux. With their attitude of "lets tackle those big problems and get this thing going" as opposed to "well it's not our program so...". Examples like the improved startup and their work with video codecs, etc.. are all helping round out desktop Linux. Redhats coming out with great stuff to assist their server customers, while Ubuntu is appealing directly to the desktop crowd working with tons of OS projects to produce better code under the GPL. I commend the Ubuntu developers for their work.

While I have heard the new release is a pain to install/upgrade I hardly believe that these problems won't be sorted out very soon. Rome wasn't built in a day; you installed a dot-0 release.


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