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Re:Force Bullshit

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on September 09, 2006 08:03 AM
>> People often confuse economic power with gun power. Microsoft or any other software company does not have any gun power. So they literally can't force anyone to do anything. Only a government or a government run monopoly has the gun power necessary to force people to do things that they don't want to do.

>> It is people who clamor for the government to "Force" proprietary companies with anti-trust actions, price gouging acts and FTC investigations who are really resorting to force using the governments gun power.

Oh, please. Hello?

You can't have the smallest proprietary software business without guns. Are you going to take the law into your own hands to enforce your contracts?

Microsoft uses gun power whenever they file a lawsuit and implicitly everytime they form a business agreement or Eula (which is very often).

Gun power is used to punish those that break the law. I break a law if I pirate. I break a law if I sneak into MS headquarters and copy the Windows source code. Microsoft broke the law when they violated the various antitrust laws. These are all violations of rules that society has deemed important enough to be backed by guns [for better or worse].

It's that simple.

And if anything, volunteerism, which is more common with FLOSS, is what really doesn't use guns. I'd like to see Microsoft resort to that. MS would do us well to give up their guns.

>> As for benefits of having the source code, that is another bullshit. Have you heard of the ERP source code customization project disasters? No company that has been burned by source code customization disasters will want to go open source or even open proprietary source.

And have you heard of all the success stories where having the source code saved peoples rear ends? Hello? Anyone home?

>> GNU/GPL etc may be good for all the industries because they get something for free. But it is bad for the programming community because they "force" the programmer to beg for donations or seek their living some way other than by programming (like giving support and making a below subsistence living)...

Do the people that leech off FLOSS write the code? No, not by definition they don't. Someone writes the code though. They are called developers. It is these people that you are claiming are being screwed.. by each other. So they must all be idiots, lemings, or something. Oh, well, eventually, the FLOSS developer race will die out unless they are superhuman.

>><nobr> <wbr></nobr>... Do you then wonder why programming and IT is becoming unfashionable among college students in America and Canada and there is a real software programmer crunch coming up?

I wasn't wondering, but, if I was, my guess is that kids are realizing that if they aren't superhuman or lemings they should not be thinking about a career in programming. Kids are smart. There is probably easier money to be made elsewhere for the non-leming, non-superhuman they reason.

>> Hate destroys the hater much more than the hated. Isn't hate for microsoft destroying the programmers who happen to hate it? I have rarely heard a non-programmer spewing hate for microsoft even though they are the ones who shell out real money to software companies.

I'm a hater and I hate people like you that make me think I will die cause I hate.. dying.

At least for a few people, kicking Microsoft's butt is like a motivation. Kick the "evil" competitor's butt. Grrr. [Microsoft hates FLOSS people<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.. or they did.. do you? Do you hate what FLOSS lemings are doing to the software industry in this country? Maybe you'll die like me, you hater. Serves you right. See you in h......]

>> GNU/GPL is also anti-competitive in other ways. Since there is very less prospect of making money by open-source programming, fewer and fewer people will enter the market and those that they do will opt to join existing projects instead of starting newer projects which will result in fewer choices being available to the customers as the GNU/GPL may also have destroyed proprietary competitors in the process.

Blah blah and puff too goes this theory when you actually peek outside your window and see what is happening.

If Linux has something, it is choice and variety.

>> I won't be passing by this page again and thought I would add my 2 cents.

That's too bad. You had change owed back.

What your spiel boils down to is this. FLOSS is a fitter game play and those not willing or capable of playing it well will die or at least be humbled.

"I don't want to die. I can't figure it out. Maybe I can get others to stop playing it. I think I can. I think I can. Na na na na na la la la la la la.... can't hear you."

Many people have thought just as you have.. only to find out later that they too could be at least a bit superhuman. Change IS scary.


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