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Re:This is just insane!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 31, 2006 07:08 AM
Agreed, except for one point, and that's the notion of "Why should we pay for software when the OSI and FSF exist and support our community?"

There's nothing wrong with paying for Free/Open Source Software. Back in the '80's, Richard Stallman would send anybody a tape of Emacs, for $150. That's how he made money to sustain himself until he got his consulting gigs and ultimately the McArthur and Takeda Awards (he's now financially independent as a result of the latter two). It is said that, back then, he sold quite a few tapes, so it would seem that those purchasers were getting their desired ROI.

Red Hat and Novell, as well as JBoss, MySQL Inc., and quite a few others, sell Free Software every day, and the GPL explicitly permits this. There's nothing wrong with making a buck. There *is*, on the other hand, something wrong with using unethical practices to make that buck, which is what this credit-card-processing company did.


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