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Re:This is just insane!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 31, 2006 06:55 AM
Everything you said is correct save for one:

"Opensource folks want something for nothing because that is the beauty of our community."

That generalization is a fallacy. There are some people out here who "want something for nothing", and more often than not those are the ones making pirate copies of Windows and MS Office for their buddies and using functional activation keys gotten from a Google search.

Open Source folks want to be able to simply use their software in accordance with the Open Source Definition (<a href="" title=""></a>). Remember that when we speak of "Free Software", we are referring to *Freedom*, not price. At my place of work, we use open-source software here (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and we don't mind paying for it. We just paid for a Nagios installation and last year paid for some custom development work on NMIS (it's now in the upstream CVS). Since it's open source, we know that we are free to do whatever we need to do to it, and our data, five years later.

*That* is the beauty of our community.


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