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This article is ridiculous fluff

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 30, 2006 08:21 AM
This article is a joke, as stated before this situation could have been easily avoided by the IT Management by adhering to some standard IT process. Like keepiing copies of License keys fro all software.

The exact same scenario could happen if he had Open source Software. You did not keep a copy of the opensource software that you installed or it has been lost over many years as you have not been keeping up to date with latest releases or did not notice that the opensource project had been shutdown. Your software fails one day and you no longer have a copy of the software to install, so you do a google search to try and find a copy. Only to find that the project no longer exists and you can't find a download anywhere, or to reference the story above directly the project has now released a new version that doesn't support the old release and they no longer provide the old downloads, because the person running the opensource project does not have time to maintain that release and wants everyone to use his/her groovy new features. Here you are in the exact same pickle you would be in, in the story above. All through your own bad management as above.


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