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Re:FUD, to a point

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 30, 2006 04:43 AM

YOU are supporting FUD by writing such tripe.

It's rather obvious that the anti-OSS people are missing a few brain cells.

Why are all you clowns so loyal to something stupid? Do you own stock in it? You probably hold microsloth stocks, or you're just an aging conservative.

OSS is safer. Eat a pile of dirt if you don't like it. Or, continue being a MS slave. We don't really care.

OSS will outlive you.

Snipe all you want with petty jargon, and you'll get petty jargon right back at you.

"Vendor Relationships" exist largely because of onerous and one-sided licenses. It's another way of saying "we gotcha."

I use linux systems and I have no need to worry about asinine 'vendor relationships' because I don't have to buy anything from anyone, or sign anything.

You do go on kissing that butt though. You seem to be good at it.


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