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Re:This is just insane!

Posted by: Jeremy Hogan on August 30, 2006 12:52 AM
> WHY SHOULDN'T SOFTWARE COST MONEY???? Everything else in life does.

That's orthogonal to the point. Access to the codebase would have helped in this situation. It's not about not wanting to pay for software, Red Hat solutions cost a good penny, for example. It's about owning what you've paid for, and being allowed to use it while it worked and not being forced into a cost prohibitive corner buy an unsupportive vendor.

Would you tolerate it if you bought a car, needed maintenence from the dealer, and they told you "sorry, we don't make those brakes anymore, but for triple the cost, you can have this new car." No, because you didn't need a new car, you already owned a car, you needed routine maintenance.

This is not an example of folks wanting something for nothing, it's an example of a company favoring their future sales over present customers. That's not a free versus closed debate, it's a good versus bad business practices debate.


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