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Hey Insane - Support =$=Ok, License upgrades are..

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 29, 2006 03:13 AM
It is no problem paying for support and that costs money, hey if a file becomes corrupted then sometimes, depending, the original folks are the ones to fix this.

This "forced upgrade" game is PURE MICROSOFT. This company ALREADY paid for software, gladly, they just would like to have their investment in the software go a bit longer then the "force-em-to-upgrade-so-I-can-get-more-profit-sha<nobr>r<wbr></nobr> ing-etc-management and marketing folks dream up.

They also have an investment in a total package that the software company who sold it to them could not provide. This forced upgrade scenerio can break a company if things don't work right.


OpenSource and having the code in your hands is like having your future in your hands.

Nothing against making money, but extortion is a different matter (OpenSource is the answer to that problem). Many companies pay willingly for open source solutions AND ALSO PAY FOR SUPPORT FOR THOSE solutions. Both the customer and the Open Source Software Provider benefit from a mutual trusting relationship where value is in the equation AND forced upgrades are not an issue that causes bad blood.

I know of several companies that are migrating away from proprietary force-em to upgrade software companies becasue of the very reason that the article points out... they were burned, badly... and they do not forget... THEY LOVE OPEN SOURCE...and they are still paying for software, but they are not in a postion where they can be forced to just thru hoops at the will of some marketing manager for any software company.

If you ever ran a business, and were held up by such a software company, then you would thing that being in such a position, and burned like this company, that NEVERR AGAIN WOULD BE YOUR REACTION, You would swear never to be that insane, to be put in such a position ever again.

Yep - INSANE, is anyone who does business with any company that operates with forced upgrades on it's customers.

Free Software, or reasonably priced software, with reasonably priced "paid for" support and Free upgrades (not forced), is NOT INSANE for any business to be able to deal with in their long term plans...!

Being jerked around by the likes of forced upgrade companies is NUTS..


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