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Re:Not competing competition?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 17, 2006 10:24 AM
Here is a second definition that is closer to what the original poster expressed.
>> compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others

Compete for mindshare and for projects to host.
Measure one against the other in terms of features, quality, capacity, etc.

Basically if you market something, you are competing with all other things that stand to lose (things that are similar enough). And google reps doing interviews or google advertizing its new services on its websites is marketing. Sourceforge/freshmeat are the competing products/services that are close enough.

These may not compete that much (that directly) if in fact it is likely that the gains in one do not come at a loss to the other, if the services are complementary.

I think google wants to grow. They want money. They want to make their stockholders richer. But they don't want to damage their goodwill or their future prospects.

Sourceforge and freshmeat compete, yet everyone is happy. The idea (to minimize competition that hurts the others) is to offer, not a repackaging of the same, but something that is lacking in the others. Being first to offer something helps (not hurts) your goodwill.

Still, over time, I expect google to encroach more and more on everyone else's turf -- that is the nature of the public corp (keep feeding the unsatiable stockholder appetite). When the numbers can't be met, Google will be forced to be more confrontational. But google has so many things cooking on the stove that maybe this point can be forstalled for years. Later when Google doesn't even remember what "do no evil" means, and maybe management has been replaced.. well, by then Google will be a little more lathargic and out of shape closer to what Microsoft is today.. but they may have several monopolies.

In the meantime, they have tons of marketshare to wrestle away from and to defend from Microsoft in numerous categories, and this competition is probably more interesting to the current management team than doing any serious hurting to sourceforge and friends... for the time being.

Anyway, the actual definition of a word isn't necessarily found completely in a dictionary. Sometimes it takes a whole book (or at least a long Wikipedia write-up) to properly communicate the flavor of some words or phrases.


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