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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 28, 2006 04:50 PM
It really makes me cringe when I browse around and i see NeroLinux as by far the most popular program (at the time of writing 13879 compared to WiFi Radar in second place with 8721. What are these numbers exactly?)
It makes me cringe since it is obviously very poor at it's job. Not only is it useless for the light to average user, but in the high-end features department it can't compete with FLOSS (which is rare outside of system administration tools [the line here is fine, but I count it outside of that catagory]). It's high ranking, however, boosts it's popularity and maintains it's position, thus coaxing more users (usually new GNOME users) into getting it. I am not against sites like GNOMEFiles linking commercial programs (that's how I found Moho) but it seems extremely disproportionate for a proprietary application that is by far in the minority to have a score of more than 150% of the next-most-popular.
This is probably due to package management, something which Nero can't take advantage of, but this argument seems a little unstable when more low-level dependecies like PyGTK seem popular (I feel I have to explain what I mean quite delicately: a) PyGTK doesn't have a GUI interface that bears no similarity to the data files it creates, and b) It is not completely independant from it's medium [computing] compared to, say, the GIMP, which is an alternative method for a practice dating back thousands of years)
This seems a bit long-winded for a minor website criticism, but it is, in fact, a (rather pathetic) attempt at sociology<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:-)


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