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I had bought this

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 27, 2006 04:19 AM
A year ago I bought a copy of nero as it was the only software that would work with my usb-cased dvd burner. At the time GnomeBaker was lacking in many basic functions, at at $35 it was reasonably priced.

A year latter Nero doesn't work for some reason, and I have little insentive to find out why. Since kernel improvments have made my burner fully compatible.

More over there were no improvements to Nero in the last year. The interface and features are identical! What was a nice program one year ago, is a waste of money today. Open Source apps moved ahead, but nero invested no real effort in improving their product (beyond fixing bugs, which is nice of them).

Seems it's more a case of abandonware.


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