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Duke Nukem 3D is still better with eduke32

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 18, 2006 02:38 PM
Duke Nukem 3D is all about play ability.

Tremulous is limited to multiplayer over network, and there are no bots.

If anything, they should incorporate an inspiration of Dukebot (Fake Multiplayer mode with AI in Duke Nukem 3D). Nothing beats Dukebot, except an explosion in a hallway.

Also, you can download the entire commercial of Duke Nukem 3D in a measly 54MB file that self-extracts as an EXE or extracts from a ZIP program. Available at <a href="" title=""><nobr>d<wbr></nobr> -addons/?highlight=Atomic+Edition</a> or go dirrectly to RAPIDSHARE via <a href="" title=""><nobr>9<wbr></nobr> 680/enduro_2006.rar.html</a> and use the password "upped_by_gugo_4_gulli_only" and it'll extract the encripted compressed file. Inside is everything from Atomic Edition, Duke in DC, Penthouse, et al.

Later Alleygator!


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