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Grandma does not do Apt-get... got it?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 03, 2006 07:31 PM
Let us focus now... say "ease of use" 100 times fast.

1st you need to be aware of the FACT... that, you will lose a percentage of the population with this apt-get thing. I can do it, but a percentage of the population will be apt not to ever/never get it (no pun intended). So - What is being said is that certain extremely popular applications need to be on the desktop by default, period.

FireFox in the FOSS world is one of those apps. Hey, would you leave your star hitter off the starting line up in any baseball game. No. What Kubuntu has done is benched one of FOSS's star hitters by only having a "pet" KDE browser be the default install. Sounds a bit strange to me. Do the Kubuntu folks think this way... if so, then they are out of the main stream and they will limit Kubuntu to being out of the mainstream if they persist in this way of thinking.

And - universe repository additions are outside of the Ubuntu 3 year desktop support deal. Not supported, so - for the 3 years of support we are limited to the listed apps for the version of the distro in order to get support for the 3 years.

Firefox needs to be on that list of security supported updating applications... and it needs to be on the desktop, with the install, by default. Simple.

The Red Sox would never put Manny on the bench for any game. Why Kubuntu decided to bench FireFox is a very strange bit of decision making? I don't get it.


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