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But, you can't batch send photos to grandma.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 03, 2006 07:20 PM
I am following your point. However, just putting pictures on your computer is not the issue.

I am interested in going to friends and relative computers and installing Ubuntu. My friends and relatives all like to send emails with their photos as attachments. I need a tool that is supported for 3 years by Ubuntu that will make sending photos by email an easy and painless process for these folks to be trained to do.

The issue is emailing those photos with Ubuntu in the most easy and painless way possible!

Those 10 fishing photos to your fishing buddies, etc. Most cameras today have photos that are about 1.5 MB in size (that if sent as they are will exceed SOME ISP's allowed email storage limit (or for file email size rules for that ISP) for POP3, or whatever, after only 5 photos. SO - you need to get these photos down to about 50k apiece (or smaller)! Your options are to do this one at a time with many of the Ubuntu photo tools (takes about half an hour to do this to 10 pictures by manual picture by picture editing and saving. Then you have to send them by dragging them into your evolution or thunderbird email. You then send.

Gwenview (with KIPI plugins installed) has a bunch of short cuts for this process. With Gwenview (installed with Plugins by defalut with SuSE, where the Free to use Plugins are not installed by default with any U*buntu), with Gwenview with Kipi Plugins there is a selection of a plugin that will take any ones of the 10 1.5MB pictures you choose to send out of the hundred that you took, auto reduce them to about 50k, put them in either your choice of thunderbird or evolution or k-mail whatever and OPEN the email you will send for you so that you don't even have to open your email by hand..., then you just address your email and send.

Using Gwenview with this plugin you have taken about 30 minutes of by hand photo editing and email by hand opening, and reduced this process to only 2 steps and about 10 seconds.

The only reason why Ubuntu developer have ignored this feature to add by default, is that they, like you seem to be not like the average user with a modern digital camera with friends or family that they enjoy sending photos to. So - as like you, they also, can't relate to this desire to send a bunch of photos that are reduced to 20k or whatever in 2 clicks taking 10 seconds.

This is what folks do with digital cameras.

None of Ubuntu's photo tools do this 2 click and 10 second send choice of photos thing at all because they have ignored having the free to use KIPI plugins be part of the default Gwenview install and the process to get those KIPI plugins into Gwenview is not easy... and there is no easy apt-get solution to this problem. So - if you include Gwenview in your distro, you gotta give the users the plugins to use too!

Got it now!

I have not seen a photo tool in Ubuntu that can send a bunch of pictures like the Kipi Plugin for Gwenview does. If you know of a way to do this without Gwenview, say with another photo tool that is supported now for 3 years by Ubuntu... well, then please advise. Thank-you.

Oh - by the way, I can't figure out why Gnome does not allow the right click on a file and then "copy to" or "move to" option like SuSE KDE does?


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