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Hey -Attack the messenger (vs attack the message)!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 03, 2006 12:09 PM
When you can't attack the message, the rule is to attack the messenger. I believe that is what you have done.

you are calling the posts MS trolls, because you can't think of anything else to counter the observations...
put away the attacks. Let me tell you a growed up adult story of how success is done! I once observed a company called GE work! At this company they are trained to work in a way where all ideas and proposals and product quality was agressively challenged, by all employees, all the time... the weak gets fixed or thrown out, quickly... and that is how you get the best product... not by thinking ever, oh wow, we are so good, or the product is so good, etc. No go along to get along, office or workplace politics, or being nice to each other for being nice's sake... ever leds to rapid improvement of a company or a product... Because improvement is due to positive and critical analysis that is OPENLY exposed and dealt with asap.

I do have to say that Ubuntu does rock, but it still has some geek-thinking style hold over issues that inhibit the "ease of use" that my grandmother really wants, not many places, but one is enough to ruin a really newbie USER's experience.

To date - SuSE is the only major desktop that I will install on my friend's desktops because their security updates show up every few days (so someone is working on this for real) and they got the stack with everything done that my friends and grandmother can use out of the box. It's done!

Ubuntu, like I said, needs some more cleaning up with just a few finer details... it is not perfect , yet!

Hey - for business users why not just nail down a finished distro, over time clean up any bugs, and offer support for 20 years? Hey - if there are no improvements then there are no new bugs that can cause security problems... over time they are exposed and the number decreaases as long a no new extreme code is introduced. That is what business wants... a finished and secure product that does not change for 20 years of use. I know of very successfull companies that are still using black and white text terminals and the employees don't mind they know the software like the back of their hands... it is quick and gets the job done! This software has been in use now for 20 years and will be in use for another 20 years for such companies.
IT might be boring because there are no new toys to play with... but, IT's job is not to introduce change, it is to serve instead the bottom line at the company in the best way possible.


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