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M$oft FUD trolls, your tactics are getting obvious

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 03, 2006 08:47 AM
It's been interesting to watch the MS FUD trolls who hit websites like this one and Slashdot. The tactics and patterns in their postings are so often consistently obvious.

Here is a typical one. Using "research" from Microsoft's Linux lab, or wherever the heck they get their obscure information from, they are ready to pounce once Linux gets any new good news.

Ubuntu rocks, and is about to release an even better distro version? Here come the trolls, with their obscure focus on some minor point to make it seem like the Linux distro is problematic.

"Ummmm, I couldn't read the comma in Line 46,842 of Open Office Org's source code. It looked more like a period or semi-colon to me. This obviously means that Ubuntu's automatic security downloads cannot be expected to ever work properly and proves that Ubuntu is not ready for the desktop. Users should be very afraid of leaving behind the warm fuzzy comfort of exalted MS Windows security for such an unknown quantity as Linux."

Ummm, yeah, right. Whatever, trolls. Deal with it - Windows sucks, and Linux more than blows it away.


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