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LTS Edubuntu supports only PXE (it's proprietary)!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 03, 2006 03:02 AM
The brand new for poor schools of the world who want to still use old cheap or free PCs by using the FREE OS Edubuntu distro will discover that Edubuntu uses PXE as a default!

Ouch, because to use a LTS PXE client you need a license.

Double bee sting OUCH.

On the other side of the coin... the free to use Etherboot LTSP client does not need a license. It seems that the head strong, *buntu folks, by doing their own LTS stuff, and deviating from what the LTSP folks are doing... weel, they have made a big mistake by making PXE as the default install meaning that in order to run the free etherboot LTSP client stuff you have to go and run all this commmand line stuff to get the Edubuntu LTSP to see etherboot clients! It is not FREE PLUG AND PLAY BECAUSE of their choice of PXE.

A quote from LTSP related support is as follows:
"We do not provide network cards with PXE only Etherboot. PXE is proprietary and requires a license to sell".

Triple OUCH - go back and read it again. The use of proprietary is supposed to be against the grain of what *buntu stands for... any thing else proprietary you gotta go out and install yourself?

Hey - The same LTSP expert when responding to my email about whole PXE issue as a problem noted:

"The method describing how to create a
Etherboot'able kernel would be run every time there is a Ubuntu kernelupdate to keep the kernel current.

Quadrupppple support OUCH Batman...
So if I read that correctly, then with every kernel support update that shows up when the little lite turns red to update your Edubuntu, well that means that you have to run the conversion from PXE to Etherboot command line process again (creating a kernel with mknbi that allows an Etherboot client to be able to load), to make sure that the clients will keep running.

THAT is not a better solutions. THAT is not ready for Enterprise use. And THAT is NOT good for newbie level LTSP school admins to have to pay attention to all the time when updates come in from Edubuntu that might blow up the Etherboot mknbi stuff you have done to disable PXE and enable the FREE TO USE ETHERBOOT.

They should have made Etherboot the default install and PXE as a option that the user could change to!

I got other issues as well... 6.06 in other areas is half baked (I wrote emails to key people there that were ignored it seems over 3 months ago and the same mistakes in judgement and construction were not fixed), what they got done works... but, it needed another 4 months in the oven... and with the Edubuntu folks ignoring the LTSP folks, and other folks, suggestions and going their own way on things... well, you got something that is a big question mark.

So - with this in mind how much can we trust the security update promise to actually work?


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