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Ubuntu's Gwenview vs SuSE's Gwenview & plugins

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 02, 2006 09:37 PM
The Ubuntu Gwenview install lacks all the needed plugins to work properly, period! While Novell's install of SuSE has the plugins as part of Gwenview where the user does not have to hunt down and install the complicated to understand how to install GwenView Plugins?

This is why I use SuSE... the security updates are solid and dependable, and they do the stack right! Little things like plugins for Gwenview are just that extra level of detail that SuSE delivers on all the time!

Ubuntu is a little ragged around the edges still regarding such little things such as Gwenview Plugins (just as an example)! Ubuntu can catch up maybe... but, due to the missing details like Plugins for Gwenview... I also question their ability to follow thru in a consistant pattern when it comes to the needed little details that business need, like "timely security updates"?

I would hold off on saying that Ubuntu is Enterprise quality right now...! They gotta prove that they are... not just say that they are!


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