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sparc. omg? wtf!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 02, 2006 04:37 PM
I don't see where to download the SPARC discs from. I've checked about 8 of the mirrors and I only found: iAMD64, i386 and PPC versions in desktop, server and alternate flavors.

Also, I booted the i386 "desktop" (live) CD on a PC and was very underwhelmed. In Ubuntu's favor, though, there was one awesome feature: painless 3D acceleration. I started the crippled screensaver chooser thing and noticed the GL previews were awfully smooth. I started one fullscreen... and X froze. Yep, that's the r300 driver I know! I can't believe they decided it was stable. Next, I tried adding a printer. Seems easy enough, there's an inviting Printer button in the System menu -- except, it doesn't work. Next, I try the CUPS web interface: it's totally broken, too. I started the underfeatured "services" control panel thing to turn off the HP printer/scanner service. There's a simple "Printing" service. What is that? Is it CUPS? HP printing? Aha, here's syslogd and klogd! I think the kind of user that would be confused by all those nasty buttons and runlevels and stuff doesn't need to see those. Worst of all, the documentation rarely matches the actual programs! I click "Help" on the services window and get the documentation for the old GNOME services thing, which is totally different! It's easy to turn on VNC with a checkbox in preferences. However, it doesn't turn off if you uncheck it! I can click Places->Computer and get a nice window with my disk partitions. Clicking on them lets me view and manipulate their contents. Just kidding! It results in an entirely useless error. Of course hda isn't removeable! I know that! Why is this a problem? Arrgh!

The menus are well organized. If the things in the menus actually worked, that would be great. A non-technical user would be almost, but not quite, completely screwed with Dapper Drake. Small things matter!

Well, that turned into quite the mini-review/angsty rant.

Better luck with the newt!


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