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Re:speed & diminishing marginal returns

Posted by: Joseph Cooper on April 06, 2006 11:13 AM
Try 50, and swapping whenever you do something. But Microsoft Word doesn't have that problem, does it?

I'm sorry but don't call people "spoiled brats" for not using shit software. I'm pretty sure the reason a lot of us dumped Windows is so we don't have to deal with shit software. I didn't switch to Linux so I could load a simple word processor in a full fucking minute on a computer thats roughly 150x faster than what's actually NEEDED to run a simple word processor.

OpenOffice is not usable on my 700mhz system with 256megs of ram. I know you say it runs "fast" on your 128meg system, but I get the feeling you're just ignoring the chugga-chugga-chugga *blows smoke* (add more coal!) swapping.


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