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alas, he also made one really dumb comment

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 05, 2006 09:50 PM
BOSTON--The One Laptop Per Child organization will use Linux on its inexpensive machines, but the operating system suffers the same code bloat as Windows, the project's leader said Tuesday.
"People aren't thinking about small, fast, thin systems," said Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit association, in a speech at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo here. "Suddenly it's like a very fat person (who) uses most of the energy to move the fat. And Linux is no exception. Linux has gotten fat, too."
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That's an amazingly dumb statement. Here are the specs which is laptops are planned to have:

The system will use a 500MHz processor from Advanced Micro Devices with 128MB of memory. It will use 512MB of flash memory and no hard drive, he said. The biggest remaining cost is the display. The system will use a dual-mode display with a black-and-white, 1110-by-830-pixel mode in sunlight and a 640-by-480-pixel color mode otherwise.

So, light video on a 500/128 machine is not capable of handling GNU/Linux?!

What is he talking about?

I run Debian Sarge on a 300MHz/128MB (yes, that's *three hundered*) with KDE and OpenOffice 2.0 and its no lightening fast, but its very decent.

My guess is that he thinks of SuSE or Red Hat or Mandriva or some other RPMed distro, or that he has simply no idea how good a non-commercial distro like Debian can get.

He even can get lightening speed on his 500/128 machines. He needs to install Debian with no bells n whistles, recompline the kernel to get rid of all the useless "can do everything" stuff, make sure that no useless services are running use FluxBox as a desktop and use a slimmed down version of OpenOffice (or another office suite).

Heck - he can even offer to multi-boot Damn Small Linux (DSL) for hyper-drive speed.

But first, he needs to get his facts straight before making that kind of statements [not to mention that he confuses the kernel and the OS]

Good luck to him and his fantastic project!


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