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Both good and bad

Posted by: amosbatto on February 26, 2006 01:19 AM
Songbird will be good if it makes it easier for indy alternatives to succeed in a world of media giants. It also will be good because it helps people break free of anyone company. Apple shouldn't control the future of music.

But, songbird is bad because it encourages people to simply be content with proprietary formats. We need to demand ogg vorbis because it ia a free/open format. So Songbird will encourage people to go on using evil proprietary formats.

On the other hand it may introduce a bunch of people to ogg vorbis, who would never try it otherwise. Today, when I send an ogg vorbis file to my sister, she can't open it, but with songbird I won't have to worry about that, since it will figure out how to download the ogg vorbis codec automatically. RealPlayer and Windows media player don't know how to download and install the ogg vorbis codec, so you have to manually do it yourself.

All in all, I feel neutral about this technology, but then I don't buy electronic music, so I'm not the real target audience anyway.

--Amos Batto


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