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OOT: Linus on software patents?

Posted by: ferdikom98 on February 07, 2006 02:57 PM

I was gonna say this for myself but since Anonymous Reader has brought up this issue before me I must ask, what exacly is Mr. Torvald's position on software patents?

A casual web search suggests that Mr Torvalds is of the opinion that <a href="" title="">"[software patents] are clearly a problem"</a>, so I think it would be interesting to hear from the man himself what he thinks of GPLv3's approach to the patent issue, his aggrements, disagreements, etc. And perhaps wether he has any ideas on how to implement said software patent "problem" in the GPLv3 without throwing away the Good Security "baby" (and while perhaps still disposing the DRM "bathwater").

And IMHO I don't think Linus despises "change that is not brought about by himself," I imagine its more that he doesn't "like" said "changes" being forced upon him against his will. Especially when they run counter to his own personal position.


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