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Re: Forty-Two

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 04, 2006 05:18 PM
"3) Besides that, it's LT's project and he never signed up to be the "flagship of the GNU/Linux operating system", whatever that is. I'm sure he would have no problem if some group of smart people decide to break away and implement an OS from scratch under their choice of license. He'd probably say great, that's the same thing he did 15 years ago."

What a crap-load of bullsh*t!
It's not his project as much as the USA is not Bush's own country.
Linux has outgrown Linus ever since he decided to share and let thousands of other programmers contribute and build the project. Would anybody argue that wikipedia is some single-persons project? Not in a second... so Linus better gets this into his head:
It's not his own projectanymore, some group with a broader vision might as well take it from him here and now and move it beyond his narrow-minded "its my football, so you better behave like i said"-attitude: one word: FORKING!


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