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Re:One problem

Posted by: Jonadab the Unsightly One on February 04, 2006 10:59 AM
> It works fine to decide "I'll only use free software". You can do most
> things. However... you cannot decide "I'll only use non-DRM content".
> Of course you can decide it for yourself, but not for your family.
> Especially not for your children.

Sure you can. What on earth is the problem? I mean, yeah, they'll meet other kids who have seen content they haven't seen, and talk about it excitedly, but so what? There was all kinds of content I never saw as a kid, because for one reason or another my parents didn't feel it was appropriate, and other kids saw it, and talked about it endlessly, and so on. It just isn't that big a deal.

> Imagine how you will affect the social life of your children, if you
> enforce such a rule on what they can use.

Oh, yeah, imagine how it will impact their taste and aesthetics, if they don't watch Disney videos all the time or listen to Britney Spears. They might actually grow up to *have* some taste. Heck, they might even read books occasionally, play with toys that don't resemble licensed characters, listen to music with actual counterpoint, or (gasp) run around in the yard squirting water at one another in the summer time. How horrible for them! Surely they will be warped and twisted if you allow this doubleplusungood crimethink!


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