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Re:Hence the problem

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 04, 2006 06:50 AM
Both these guys (RMS and LT), have dedicated significant amounts of their time, energies, and intelligence to things that they consider to be important. That they do it with enthusiasm and "style" attracts our attention. All I felt they asked from me, I thought they earned,... my respect. I thank them both. That they, at times, appear to argue is good. Each of them argues within himself before he presents the results of those internal discussions. We are left to refine their arguments within ourselves, based on our own priorities and perceptions.

I'm not claiming there's not a devil,... but it's our(my) fault if we imagine he's particularly drawn to things "geek."

I don't know how things "will end," but I do hope folks make every effort to maintain their individual priorities, and a vague memory of a pleasant moment from their childhood.

ps - if you think there's any sense in the comment above, say somethin' nice to someone who pisses you off,... for some unknown reason -- it may change the whole interaction - for the better,... and, if it doesn't,... I apologize in advance,... you probably shouldn't have listened to me in the first place, though.


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