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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 04, 2006 01:03 AM
"I consider us all, whether in life, or in hardware, or in software to be an ecosystem. You have to have the Freedom to persue all vectors, and the freedom to kill off by neglect the bad organisms. I think I know where Linus is hitting with this. He doesn't want or like DRM, but he understands that you cannot mandate or outlaw bad things- you let market forces work to kill off the shit ideas and the rest will tend to itself."

Yeah sure, like they always say in business class: The market will decide.
But you know what?
The market isnt't free either, it's a tightly controlled warfield, where if you step into unprotected (like GPL-shield), you get creamed lighntning fast. Guess thats the reason there's so much GPL-bashing from Redmond and others, cause its not a WEAPON, but a highly effective SHIELD against waepons like money, lobbying, etc.
Now they use "nuclear bombs" to destroy that protection (say: Patents, DRM), no matter what the causalities (say: Freedom, Selfdetermination), and its up to the people again to "raise" the bar and protect us against this intrusion, when nobody else (say: most politicans, most CEOs) does.

So, we don't FORCE anyone to stop this mind-numbing stupid thing like patents and DRM, but we can AND SHOULD try to protect us and THEN let the market decide (say: programmers, customers) what they want by giving them an option (say software protected under GPLv3) and we have every right to do so!


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