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Posted by: ThoreauHD on February 04, 2006 12:44 AM
I think I'm finally figuring out what each are trying to do. And I think I know where I stand on it now. DRM is a new injection of disease, make no mistake about that. But what organism can evolve without having proved itself against such attacks?

I consider us all, whether in life, or in hardware, or in software to be an ecosystem. You have to have the Freedom to persue all vectors, and the freedom to kill off by neglect the bad organisms. I think I know where Linus is hitting with this. He doesn't want or like DRM, but he understands that you cannot mandate or outlaw bad things- you let market forces work to kill off the shit ideas and the rest will tend to itself.

The FSF foundation has a more touch everything approach to this DRM problem. There will be a rule for keeping everything DRM free here but not there, but if it touches here, then it's unlawful. It's a thin brown line of shit, but history tells us that Linus's way works- when monopolistic corporations do not control market forces. When they do, Linus's happy thoughts fall down because there is no market force to deprecate the DRM code. It is artificial and incestuous.

Now which is Linux? Is it corporate sponsored or is it outside the sway of corporate megapolies that want to rule it. I think for now, Linux is independent and market forces still work if Linus submits to his peers. That's another hang up that I haven't thought of. Linus has final say in the matter- another disruption of market forces.

Ah shit, the FSF are right on priciple but not in form. Linus is right in form, but not in principle. The path you choose depends on the path you are on. Can the market do a correction or do you have to force the market to preserve itself through licenses.

I don't know guys, but this stuff sucks. Would you like lethal injection or electrocution? WTF.


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