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Re:Social life of your children? You might improve

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 04, 2006 12:24 AM
I no longer own a television, and have never owned anything like an iPod, for just this reason; I am "underwhelmed" by what passes for "good content" in my country.

Well considering an iPod, or anything like it, is a music player, I don't quite understand how your lack of appreciation for the "content" produced by the status quo of this country aameks you not want buy one. Do you not own any recorded jazz music? If you don't like what being broadcast besides one radio station, would you not want to have a device that can play alot of music?

Maybe you not a headphone person. Maybe you workout at home and have a decent stero hooked up to your computer. I don't mean to knock your anti ipod/mp3 player lifestyle, just don't see how your dislike of popular content is your reason for not getting such a device that will play content both popular and unpopular just fine.


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