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Hence the problem

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 04, 2006 12:05 AM
I do _software_, and I license _software_.

Linus has a much more pragmatic, humble, and generally sane attitude than the FSF, IMNSHO. Stallman wants to be worshipped, and to tell everyone else how to think. Linus on the other hand apparently simply wants to do what he's always done; work on the kernel, and allow other people to think/act how they like.

This is exactly the reason why I have come to believe that Stallman and the FSF now hinder Linux's forward movement far more than they help it, and should be jettisoned accordingly. Stallman once made enormously beneficial contributions; I won't argue with anyone who says that. Unfortunately however, he's since sold out, primarily to his own ego. That can be plainly seen more or less whenever he says anything these days.

Linus should IMHO relicense the kernel under something which has the functional equivalent of the bare copyleft which he wanted in the first place, but in which the rest of us can be confident that it won't be changed at any time in the future according to Stallman's arbitrary whim.

Linux's long term future is something that is extremely important...and Richard Stallman's words and actions have proven to me anyway on more than one occasion that it is not something that he should be trusted with.


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