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Affect the social life of your children?

Posted by: alandd on February 03, 2006 11:25 PM
My kids have been using Linux for over 2.5 years now. No Windows in all that time. We don't have cable, satalite or any other such TV service since I refuse to pay for 80% garbage.

- My oldest (16) claims that friends think it's cool that we use Linux.
- All my kids like, music under a Creative Commons License for non-commercial use.
- My kids love all the games that come with the Fedora distro. (Ah, Frozen-bubble!)
- We go to free concerts in the park.
- Been to a High School jazz concert? You're missing out, if not.
- Community fairs and events are great fun and if you are not subscribing to "DRM content" the budget to enjoy such events is already there.
- Plays put on by schools, colleges, community groups and even private for-profit theater.
- Hiking, day-trips on Saturday, etc.
- Etc., etc.

"Oh no! They don't fill their brain with the latest pop pablum! What will that do to their social life?!?"

Um... Nothing bad. At least according to them, they are quite content. If it affects your kids negatively to not use "DRM content", your kids and their friends need to learn real cultural values and how to find enjoyment in life, instead of just consuming what the "entertainment industry" decides to feed the masses.


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