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Re:what did you expect from this dude?!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 03, 2006 09:37 PM
I call bollox. When has Linus bashed RMS? I want a citation, not a slander.

Linus created Linux with the GNU tool chain and licenced the kernel under GPLv2, both products of RMS's will. If he so hates RMS why the hell would he do that?

He has some issues about _one_ part of a _draft_ version of GPLv3 (not GPL3 as you so quaintly put it) which is open to public debate. Address the issues Linus has with the GPLv3 if you so desire and stop attacking the person like you claim Linus is doing. And where, by the way, did he mention RMS?

RMS is cool. Linus is cool. Is that so hard for you to grok?

And now back to our scheduled postings.


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