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what did you expect from this dude?!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 03, 2006 09:10 PM
The GPL3, as well as the GPL itself, was the creation of a man, RMS, whose main value in life is freedom. Linus' main goal and value in life is "having fun" which, by the way, if fine, but simply cannot be considered as in the same league. Linus saw the technological advantage of the GPL2 for his kernel, but you can be sure he would have us the MS EULA if that would have been a sound choice for his kernel. In fact, Linus is about as "moral value free" as C3po or R2d2 (if in doubt about this, just read his book).

He has been fighting a petty RMS-bashing guerilla for years now because he is irritated by RMS' value-centric philosophy and by the fact that many, including myself, consider RMS as the real founder and leader of our community.

This being said, and sad, the real question is this: if Linus remains opposed to the GPL3 after its final version is adopted we should ask ourselves whether it is for petty personal reasons, or because he sees that the GPL2 is better for his kernel. In the latter case, we would have to look very carefully at his arguments as for being value-free, Linus does know how to take care of his kernel very well and we can count on him to do the best for it.


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