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Linus does get nothing here,

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 03, 2006 08:51 PM
...because he doesnt understand freedom in any sense of the word. I come to think, he doesnt even care.

"Don't try to fight DRM the wrong way."
- Linus

There is no wrong way, DRM is WRONG by itself, no exception!
You've got to fight it in EVERY LEGAL WAY possible if you really care about values like freedom! If people had a choice and wouldnt be forced because of not knowing the full truth about when they purchased a DRM-ridden-device, NOBODY would willingly restrict their content under DRM (like many artist already expressed their regret to their loyal customers, whom they feel got cheated by the RIAA and others...)
Whats happening is that DRM is forcefully implemented BEHIND the average customers back and smuggles itself unnoticed into GPL-licensed content (sourcecode) and therefore must be stopped by a license that cares about these things (GPLv3).

Sourcecode == CONTENT (and a very useful one indeed!) and therefore the GPLv3 applys!


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