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Define "admin"

Posted by: Leon Brooks on February 03, 2006 02:21 PM
As far as the DRM purveyor is concerned, the admin is the DRM purveyor. They delegate some control to the content providers, and even less to "real" admins, and sometimes even less to end-users (although from their perspective, a distinction between admins and end-users may be too fine to see).

I think the way to win this is to point out to artists that DRM leaves them even less in control than they were before. The publishing company delegates some of the DRM powers which the DRM provider delegated to them, to the artist. The reality for the artist is that they now have an extra controlling entity standing between themselves and their audience.

This is also an extra opportunity for the artist's name to be ruined, if the DRM shackling their artwork misperforms for any reason (/ME thinks back to the temporary demise of the domain).


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