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SimpleOCR under Wine works well

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on January 04, 2006 06:31 PM
I have contributed one book to Project Gutenberg and am working on others. This needs OCR (my typing skills are not THAT brilliant).

I went through what seems to be the common experience of searching and testing all the available Linux options, but I settled (finally) on using a Windows app (SimpleOCR - under Wine. Both use and install are and were trivial; just run.

SimpleOCR offers both printed text and handwriting recognition. I haven't tried the handwriting bit because I don't need that, but I can recommend the printed text. It seems to work very well - I don't have metrics, but I'm happy. It is definitely far better than OCRAD at the moment.

Reading this article has nudged my conscience; although it's freeware, I'm going to go back and make a contribution somehow.

OK, it's not FOSS, but it's a very useable, Linux runnable, solution to a practical problem.


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