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There is more to color matching than just Pantone

Posted by: Leopardi on November 22, 2005 05:11 PM
In particular, printers themselves must set up and calibrate their various display and printing devices.
See eg. <a href="" title="">
Multimatch,</a> which does work in this area (and for whom I did a small amount of consulting work once).

The <a href="" title="">International Color Consortium</a> defines profiles for color management systems which are used for this purpose.

<a href="" title="">Your own article on color management</a>
gives a good overview, and yet it is not referred to from this article.
It would help if you could add a paragraph clarifying how Pantone and color management are related.

Some of your readers may also benefit from taking a look at
<a href="" title="">"An Introduction to Appearance Analysis"</a> by Richard Harold.


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