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Did Jack Valenti write this article?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 22, 2005 03:26 PM
It is widely agreed that colors and numbers cannot be copyrighted or patented -- though perhaps Pantone would claim that its collection of color swatches as a whole
constitutes a "database" which could be copyrighted, much like the phone book.


While the article is informative and well-written and welcome, spreading fud, outright lies, disinformation, or misinformation due to a bias or even lack of knowledge of what one writes about is not welcome.

Unless I'm mistaken, the effort in the last couple of years to "fix" <a href="" title="">Feist</a> did not succeed. So what caused this faulty idea that telephone books are protected by copyright, I don't have a clue. Perhaps the author is spending too many nights in too many pubs drinking with too many of the subjects of his interviews?

Copyright, patent and trademark law is already broken enough. No need for the author to break it further.

Better background if you start at the top of the article linked, <a href="" title="">here</a>

Otherwise, as I said, the article was informative and welcome.


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