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Pantone support not necessary

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 22, 2005 03:59 AM
I'm a graphic artist by trade... and I can tell you that my aversion to using the gimp in the past was never its lack of Pantone support, but its lack of CMYK and common clipboard support.

Though I haven't since tested the gimp in a couple years I understand that it has since managed to get CMYK support.

Sure, Photoshop may have support for spot colors (pantone) but I can tell you... no self respecting graphic artist uses Photshop for that. Instead, they use Illustrator or Freehand for that purpose.

My only real beef with The Gimp, and unfortunately one that doesn't sound like it will have a genuine fix any time soon (apparently as a result of inconsistencies in X11) is a common clipboard between The Gimp and other applications. I've tried to use Adobe Illustrator (in OS X) alongside the Gimp, and it was brutal.

If you're a developer working on The Gimp, please don't concern yourself with this nonsense about supporting Pantone. I can honestly tell you, nobody cares. If a vector graphics app was the topic, only THEN would this be an issue, but as long as we're talking of raster graphics, you need not bother yourself with trying to support pantone.

Instead... please PLEASE try to find solutions to the common clipboard issue I mentioned. If this issue were addressed along with a handful of miscellaneous interface issues, The Gimp would start making some MAJOR inroads into Adobe's Photoshop territory.

I would be happy to act as a consultant on this issue for any individuals working on the Gimp project.

Kelly McNeill
kelly at osviews dot com


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