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Sun is done

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 16, 2005 03:41 AM
Solaris - 4

Linux - 381

Sun engineers, update your resumes, start making phone calls. Your skills are transferable to the Linux community. And you'll be welcomed with open arms. Don't wait for Scott or Jonathan to kick you out onto the street the next quarter when Sun misses its numbers again and needs to satisfy Wall Street on cost cutting. You've seen the job losses over the last couple of years. You've survived so far. But most Sun engineers are very talented, and the not so talented ones have already been kicked onto the street. So there isn't any reason to expect you'll survive the next round of cost cutting.

Sun is doomed. It can no longer touch the top 500 supercomputers. It's still losing customers. It can't fight a worldwide community of developers for Linux. OpenSolaris is too little, too late. And just as with BSD, it doesn't have a chance not because of the code, but because of the license. The GPL is what made Linux what it is today. What allowed Linux to surpass BSD. Surpass Solaris. Surpass AIX. Surpass everything out there. Had Sun GPL's Solaris five years ago, then it might have had a chance. But Sun missed the wave.

Join the wave. Don't be consumed by it. Polish up your resumes, Sun engineers, and start putting out some feelers to the Linux community. You'll be snapped up in no time.

Do it today. Take the next step. Join the juggernaut. Don't get run over by it. Scott and Jonathan are set for life with all their options and golden parachutes. How about you? Do you have a golden parachute from Sun? No? Then do it. Update your resume. Start making some calls. Do it today. Don't wait till you are out on the street. Now's the time. Pick up the phone. We can't do it for you. Don't wait till Sun finishes morphing into SCO. Make the move today. We're waiting for your call.


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