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IPO! IPO! Wooo WooO! I get a new pretty pony!

Posted by: ThoreauHD on October 08, 2005 08:23 PM
Let's take a guess who these people claiming to own Nessus and it's plugins are selling out to. The sucker is gonna fork off the bat, no doubt, but let's entertain the soon to be short future of this company.

What product would benefit from vulnerability scanning large networks and charge 20K a pop to do it(so cheap it's used in at least 3 companies worldwide!). Hmm.. Maybe.. Cisco? Packeteer? How exciting for you. Kudos and who cares.

I hope his few big companies pay him well, because he's just killed his product from running on 90% of the real companies on this planet. 2 points dude(thumbs up!). Your the man.

I think we should ask the people that contributed code to the engine and plugins exactly what license their programs are under. Ooo.. now isn't that a pickle..


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