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Re: I laughed myself silly, so true

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 08, 2005 02:44 PM
Very well written! I've heard that speech for five years now. Each time management buys into it - which is mostly every time - it ends in tears because

a) they don't ask themselves "What is our business, and which pieces of software strengthens our business?" They solve the wrong problem.

b) they don't want to learn what they buy, but leaves that to the techies which already hates it because it doesn't solve the right problems, uses it's own authentication, authorization and audit module instead of system wide directories, all data is stored in proprietary binary formats only or use it's own proprietary database in stead of a system wide SQL database or similar. They don't solve the right problem, and introduce new problems.

c) They out-source maintainance because all the new problems on top of the old problems are to heavy a load for the inhouse techies to handle.

In short, real needs are not handled, motivation is shot to pieces, as the number of opportunities to actually get on with business errode.


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