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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 08, 2005 06:07 AM
I would never have believed that this was possible

Dude, good sales people, the kind that work for Microsoft and Cisco instigate such "forklift upgrades" all the time!

<SALESSPEAK> You see, by running a heterogeneous environment you greatly increase your TCO and exposure to risk. You have to have additional skillsets on staff as well as maintain those skillsets with training. Then of course there is the extra labor costs required to monitor and maintain the countless different systems.

All those different systems increase you business's exposure to risk by increasing the number of attack vectors. This not only increases your risk, as I said but, also significantly increases the hit on your bottom line even if you never have a breach. But, should you have such a breach, your business will be ruined.

This is all compounded by the nonstandard or unreliable security situation brought on by having such a diverse programming environment. Did you know that even you, who are not a programmer, can program on Linux? Surprising, isn't it? It's only the grace of God and a matter of time that you haven't be hacked already!

If you instead standardize on a homogeneous environment consisting $OUR-BIG-CORP systems you greatly reduce your TCO. You reduce your skillset requirements as well as your total technical staffing requirements. Security is increased due to a single systematic development environment where we strictly control who has access to the code. Your security is further improved due to our automatic update process that is scheduled on a monthly basis.

It all comes from a single source so you need only turn to that single source in the unlikely event that you need support. What we call "One throat to choke". Plus, we're a 100,000 person corporation and we eat our own dog food.

Here are a stack of white papers that go into far greater detail than I could on why your hetrogeneous environment has a MUCH higher TCO than our homogeneous environment. But, it all boils down to: We save you a ton of money and reduce your company's risk at the same time! That translates to increased profits which of course leads to a bigger bonus for you.

So, how many would you like to order? My director has authorized me to offer you an unusually substantial discount if you will sign the contract today. </SALESSPEAK>


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