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Re:VIA...I'm done with your crap.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 07, 2005 07:05 PM
The other useful thing the EPIA boards have is lots of I/O capability including 8 pins of multipurpose digitial I/O coming off the vt1211 chip.

Oh, but vt1211 chip is another bit of hardware that VIA haven't provided public documentation for and the lm-sensors driver doesn't support fan PWM properly (even though the chip is advertised as being able to support fan PWM) and those 8 I/O pins are completely useless unless you can figure out how to program them.

VIA make some great hardware but their thick skulls don't seem perceptive to the simple problem that people can't use the hardware if they can't program for it... so VIA would actually sell more gear and make more money by providing real documentation.


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